Post-Launch Mobility Managed Services

HOBI International, Inc. provides full-service, post-launch Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) for Mobility Managed Services (MMS) programs. Our value-added services minimize the expensive costs of post-procurement support of enterprise mobility assets. HOBI focuses on maximizing the availability of mobile assets both during their useful life and during disposition. The backbone of HOBI’s processes is our operational efficiency and ability to scale quickly to meet the needs of our clients. The bottom line is HOBI saves your company time and money.

HOBI’s MLM services include test and repair, hot swap/seed stock, refurbishment, liquidation and reverse logistics management that collectively provides a complete post-launch solution for the enterprise. HOBI’s Dallas and Phoenix facilities provide MLM services for all models of cell phones and tablets. Our scale enables us to buy and house most parts from the major OEMs, enabling a cost-effective and rapid turnaround for enterprise repairs and refurbishment. Refurbished devices can provide tremendous economic benefit to our clients as an alternative to purchasing new devices.

The keys to HOBI’s MLM capabilities are an established reliable ecosystem of high-end replacement parts and HOBI’s ISO-compliant quality control system. As mobile continues to grow, so does the need for enterprises to engage an MMS provider to address the unique challenges of leveraging mobile technology. As expectations and requirements evolve, customers demand more. As such, MMS becomes even more invaluable. HOBI delivers demonstrated capabilities and promised performance to achieve your organization’s desired results. We can assure the performance of your mobile platforms while helping your organization move faster and stay competitive in a world where how fast and how competently you engage can make all the difference.

Through each of our device repair programs, HOBI provides the most efficient repairs with solutions to ensure minimal downtime between devices.