Data centers are one of the most valuable facets of enterprise IT operations. Each data center contains extensive amounts of sensitive information and expensive technology. For this reason, data center installations, transitions and asset decommissioning are tasks left to trusted professionals.

HOBI International, Inc. offers comprehensive data center solutions that minimize downtime and maximize return on assets. Throughout each of our data center services, HOBI prioritizes security, efficiency and value maximization.

Project Management

Comprehensive data center management services including asset verification and management, disconnection and deinstallations.

Reverse Logistics

In-house reverse logistics services ensure cost-efficient and reliable asset transportation nationwide for retiring and redeployable assets.

Data Erasure

Complete data erasure eliminates concerns of residual data left behind on enterprise devices. Both onsite and offsite erasure and destruction are available.

Equipment Removal

Secure and efficient removal practices for data center equipment.

Device Remarketing

Established sales team works to identify remarketing opportunities for servers, networking gear, storage arrays, as well as power equipment.

Device Recycling

R2-certified recycling practices for equipment at the end of its lifecycle