IT spending slowing, but growing in 2016

Worldwide IT spending is estimated to reach $3.54 trillion during 2016, totalling 0.6 percent growth. While this may seem unsubstantial, overall IT spending fell $216 billion, or 5.3 percent, during 2015. IT spending will finally surpass 2014 levels during 2019.

Gartner estimates $1.4 billion will be spent in communications services, $940 billion will be spent in […]

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What to expect in 2016 IT asset management

2015 brought many updates in technology and the way we handle our data, data security and IT asset management programs. WIth so many developments in the tech world this year, IT experts everywhere can expect more major developments in 2016.

CIOs and other tech managers are probably already planning for 2016, but here are three major […]

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Tips for a more cost efficient data center

It’s no secret data centers are pricey. Between regular equipment maintenance, electricity and environmental controls, a medium-sized data center can rack up thousands of dollars in monthly fees. To maximize a data center’s potential, it’s important to stick to the best practices and regular maintenance to make sure your devices are functioning at their highest […]

The best way to improve ITAD

Usually, when thinking of IT asset management, you may think of things such as data security or data management. While these are all important functions of a successful IT management system, the most important component may sometimes be overlooked: compliance.

Making sure your ITAD provider is environmentally compliant is not only a moral obligation, but also […]

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How to avoid falling victim to malvertising

Questionable ads on websites is nothing new for the average Internet user. In the past, banners and other ads that were potentially malicious were easily distinguished by shoddy graphics and blinking colors, but there are new methods of spreading malware through online advertisements that are not as detectable.

As the Internet has grown, different news providers, […]

Four common CIO mistakes

Fast decision making comes with the territory of being a CIO, but these quick decisions leave room for mistakes. When making decisions about changing technology or operating schemes, it’s easy to get tunnel vision or overlook the entire process.

Here are four common CIO mistakes.

Forgetting the big picture

When beginning new projects or working in unfamiliar territory, it’s […]

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Three external threats to data center success

Data center maintenance is commonly thought of as an internal process. While a large number of a data center’s success happens indoors, there are certain external events that can deter a data center’s operation.

Here are three environmental threats to data center success:



Temperature changes

During the summer months or other unusually hot times of the year, data […]

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Three CIO mistakes

CIO and IT directors are constantly faced with duties vital to the success of a company’s operation. CIOs juggle responsibilities on a daily basis that require rapid and intuitive decision-making. While making these decisions, important factors may be overlooked. Here are three mistakes that may be made by CIOs that can result in major damages.



Forgetting […]