What to do with old devices after Valentine's DayNew tablets, smartphones and wearable technology are popular gifts each Valentine’s Day. With new devices in-hand, old devices are no longer of use. Instead of storing unused cellphones, tablets or computers in a drawer, reselling and recycling bring further use to old devices.

Many U.S. cities have electronics recycling collection sites to ensure responsible electronics disposal. Along with recycling opportunities, all major carriers and many consumer electronics retailers offer trade-in and resell programs for devices.

When choosing to resell or recycle old devices,  it’s important to research each vendor’s data erasure and device disposal policies. If data isn’t properly cleared, residual data can stay behind for the device’s future owner to find, and improper device disposal can lead to environmental damage. The best way to ensure the best practices are used in data erasure and device disposal is working with a certified IT asset disposition company.

HOBI International is a R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified IT and mobile asset disposition provider with more than 20 years in the business. HOBI identifies the best course of action for used devices towards the end of their lifecycle and provides secure, traceable data erasure, as well as the best quality refurbishment and recycling.