For those of you who have extra iPhones, Androids, computers and any other electronic equipment, round them up because Verizon Wireless will take it all off your hands. Not only is this company a leader in its industry of providing wireless connectivity throughout the United States, Verizon continues to give back to the nation that supported them for the past 30 years. Verizon has graciously set up a total of nine e-waste recycling rallies across the country in attempts to educate and provide service to those who have excess electronic waste. The first e-waste rally to kick off was at the company’s facility in Temple Terrace, Florida on January 24, 2013.

Verizon’s Chief Sustainability Officer, James Gowen, said “e-waste can be tricky, so we’re making it easy and convenient for our employees and people in many of the communities we serve to dispose of electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.” In a statement, he explained that Verizon e-waste rallies are not only a service that should be thoroughly taken advantage of, but also an opportunity to raise awareness on the environmental harm electronic waste has on the environment and the simple practices that can be implemented to help reduce the affects.

In previous rallies, Verizon Wireless collected 531,000lbs of e-waste that was successfully kept out of the landfill. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only about 25% of the TVs, computer products, and cell phones that were ready for end-of-life management are properly recycled every year! Verizon does not limit itself to only electronic recycling during e-waste rallies. The company has shown their dedication to corporate social responsibility by adding goals to collect laptops that can be refurbished and eventually donated to veterans to further their education.

Recycling has become a staple of Verizon’s already successful way of conducting business. Not only does the company collect old cellphones, computers and other electronic equipment, they have gathered more than 80,000 tons of paper and cardboard in the past four years. Their active role in corporate responsibility landed them a membership in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Wise Hall of Fame. Not to mention, since 2001, Verizon has collected more than 9 million used and end-of-life wireless phones through the Hopeline phone recycling and reuse program in an effort to keep them out of landfills. Instead, the devices are refurbished or are turned into monetary support for domestic violence survivors.

Future e-waste rallies will take place in Albuquerque, N.M., Wilmington, N.C., Charleston, S.C., and Ashburn, Va. and are open to both Verizon employees and the general public. Businesses and consumers are encouraged to take part in this, and other, electronic recycling programs.