IL-amendA used electronics resell company, Laptop and Desktop Repair LLC, has been raided and shut down after multiple complaints that lead to a federal lawsuit. Federal court records report the company’s office, based in Sparks, NV, was raided by police and court-appointed receiver, Hays Financial Consulting, on September 29.

Laptop and Desktop Repair ran multiple buyback sites, including,,, and Thousands of customers sold their used devices Laptop and Desktop repair, or one of their multiple websites, who then  remarketed  the devices on for-profit portals such as Amazon and Newegg.

Since 2011, the company has amassed as many as 4,000 consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and multiple state officials after customers only received a small portion of the initial quoted price for their devices. These complaints led to a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and State of Georgia against Laptop and Desktop Repair, and the company’s owner,  Vadim Olegovich Kruchinin.  

The lawsuit indicates some customers received as low as 3 percent of their initial device quote after shipment. Once customers tried to contact the company to address the issue, they would either be placed on hold for long periods of time, hung up on, or the purchasing department would refuse to return the device.

The complaint described Laptop and Desktop Repair’s operations as a classic “bait and switch” scheme on consumers. The FTC detailed the ongoing lawsuit and investigation on their blog, and included tips for reselling used devices.

This lawsuit highlights the importance of being cautious when choosing to resell devices. When trading in devices, consumers should do their research on what their device is worth on multiple platforms, and check resell companies for any bad reviews or ongoing investigations. The best way to ensure honest device resale is to work with a certified IT asset remarketer. Certifications, such as R2, ensure remarketers provide the best value and service for customers while staying compliant with local, state and national legislation.