iStock_000018807376_SmallEach year, Tenable Network Security releases a cybersecurity report card grading global enterprise cybersecurity confidence. The Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card interviews IT professionals about their respective companies’ cybersecurity practices, then grades the enterprise on preparedness.

The average score on this year’s report card was 70 percent (C-), a six percent decrease from 2016. The U.S. finished with an overall score of 78 percent (C+), a two point decrease from last year’s 80 percent (B-). The U.S. scored highest in security assurance, with 85 percent and lowest in risk assessment, with 70 percent.

Interviewees indicated the three largest challenges enterprises face in cybersecurity are the “overwhelming cyber threat environment,” “low security awareness among employees,” and “lack of network visibility (BYOD, shadow IT).”

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