tablet-forecastEnterprise IT is a quickly-evolving platform. As more technologies are released and more threats are perceived, enterprise IT departments may feel overwhelmed. One way to navigate the constantly-evolving enterprise IT landscape is to work with an IT asset management provider. Certified ITAM professionals ensure devices are properly managed, repaired, refurbished and recycled, and protect enterprise assets.

While ITAM providers can alleviate the stress of enterprise IT departments, not all providers are the same. Working with an untrustworthy provider can place an enterprise at both monetary and reputational risk. Here are two imperative questions to choosing a trustworthy ITAM provider:


  • What is your data destruction policy and process?


      • Data security is one of the hottest topics and biggest concerns of the enterprise IT industry. Improper data management and data disposal can put enterprises at risk for both financial and reputational loss. If residual data is left behind on older enterprise devices, there is a risk of an unauthorized source accessing company files and/or compromising employee credentials. For this reason, when choosing an IT asset management provider, it’s imperative to understand their chosen data destruction process, and review if this process is up to NIST standards.


  • What are your certifications?


    • Part of a successful IT asset management program is proper e-waste demanufacturing and disposal. While some companies may offer to dispose of enterprise assets at a affordable rate, their disposal processes may not comply with constantly changing e-waste legislature. Asking a provider for hard copies of certifications, as well as documentation of their demanufacturing and disposal processes, ensures enterprises are aware of where assets go, and how they are disposed of, while staying out of legal and reputational hot water.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified ITAM provider. With more than 20 years in the industry, HOBI provides best-practices for data erasure, device repair, refurbishment and recycling in compliance with state legislature.

Working with a certified IT asset manager ensures enterprise devices and the data they contain are properly managed, refurbished and recycled. Choosing an ITAM provider  is easy once the correct questions to ask are established.