Technology in the classroom brings opportunities for increased lesson plan flexibility, outside-the-classroom resources and improved teacher-student interaction. To use educational tablets to their best abilities, students and teachers can personalize apps and functions to ensure learning and instruction is functioning at their best level.

The customization factor of all educational technology is a major reason for the increasing adoption rate, but can also lead to vulnerabilities if security is not properly executed. These are two major security vulnerabilities to plan for when introducing technology in the classroom.

  1. Protecting student and teacher identities
    1. One of the positive effects of educational technology is an increase in interaction because of the adaptability of programs on tablets. Tablets open the door for more adaptable lesson plans so that teachers are able to customize assignments and games to students’ learning speeds. Customization means storing more personal data on tablets, and a higher need for top-notch security. To avoid any potential information breaches, districts should only operate tablets on a secure network, and lock any apps that can store information about student that is too personal, such as pictures.
  2. Repair and end-of-lifecycle services
    1. Educational tablets are bound to suffer a cracked screen, or other issues that result in minor repairs. As well as an inevitable repair cycle, districts will eventually need to upgrade to new devices, or refurbish past devices. Once educational technology reaches this process, proper data erasure is required to protect students’ and educators’ identities. Inadequate information disposal can lead to residual data that can be personal enough to identify the past user. To ensure all data on educational tablets is properly erased, districts and educators should work with a certified IT asset management and refurbishment company that employs data destruction that is up to NIST standards.

To ensure all information is secure, districts can work with an IT asset manager that specializes in full-scale data management. HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified IT asset management company that provides the best data security and erasure along with repair and end-of-lifecycle solutions.

The educational technology adoption rate is rising all over the country. The number one priority when using tablets and other devices in the classroom should always be student and instructor data security. To ensure all information is properly stored and disposed of, districts can pair with a certified IT asset manager.