With the new year beginning, enterprise IT professionals are looking for new ways to maximize efficiency and cut down on costs. Whether it’s taking the plunge and committing to a cloud-computing centric data center, or just overall consolidation, data center transitions are a necessary part of a successful data management scheme.

A transition can be overwhelming without the right amount of planning. Here are four tips for a successful transition:

  1. Complete an inventory assessment
    • Through the years, devices may slip through the cracks unnoticed. For this reason, compiling a thorough inventory list before the big move helps account for all devices before, during and after the move. Listing any interdependencies between the devices cuts down on confusion later in the relocation process, and ensures all devices end up in their correct spaces.
  2. Be efficient with old devices
    • Cutting down on clutter during a move decreases workload and assembly. So, after the initial assessment is complete, separate any older devices that will not be used in the future.a Once devices are set aside, be sure to contact a certified electronics recycler for their disposal or repurposing.
  3. Pair with a relocation service provider
    • One way to ensure smoother processes during a move is to pair with a data relocation provider. Partnering with a provider ensures less stress and better management, as these organizations specialize in these relocations.

HOBI International, Inc. is a leading IT asset management and electronic recycling company. HOBI offers services to refurbish remarket or recycle electronic devices that have reached the end of their use. During data center relocations, HOBI can repurpose and recycle any old inventory that is not relegated for relocation. Along with electronics recycling, HOBI International offers data center relocation services that expedite the process of relocation and alleviate any stress associated with the project.

Although a data center transition may feel like a never-ending project, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Creating a clear plan and pairing with a certified IT asset management provider ensure the transition is conducted as smoothly as possible.