Prolonging battery life is a common desire among smartphone users. Each year, major manufacturers release new devices with stronger batteries and new ways to monitor usage for maximum battery life.

The majority of today’s smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. These type of batteries are reported to use at least 80% of their full capacity for between 300 and 500 charge cycles, meaning after this point, battery strength begins to dwindle.

While obsolescence is unavoidable, there are ways to get the most out of a smartphone’s battery. Here are three ways to maximize your smartphone’s battery life:

  1. Charge in smaller doses
    1. A popular rumor is letting your smartphone die is better for its battery, but experts indicate this is no longer true. Running down a phone’s battery to zero can cause unnecessary stress to its system, and so can letting a phone charge overnight. For this reason, experts recommend charging a phone to 80 percent, then charging again once falls to twenty percent.
  2. Use high-quality chargers
    1. Investing in high-quality chargers can be pricier than buying them at the gas station, but less expensive equipment can be risky. Buying chargers underqualified chargers can lead to overheating and failure in lithium-ion batteries. To stay safe, it’s best to use chargers from a smartphone’s manufacturer, or a reputable third party.
  3. Close apps with caution
    1. Another common way users try to save battery life is by closing apps. While certain apps do use more battery than others, closing apps just to open them again within the next 10 minutes is counterintuitive, as it can cause even more battery drainage. Leaving popular apps open can save battery life, and as a last resort, placing a phone in airplane mode can keep a device alive longer.

Even though manufacturers are improving battery life with each device release, using the best practices while charging and during use can prevent any battery failures. Charging many times during the day, using high-quality chargers and managing apps can each increase battery health to prolong obsolescence.