big-dataWith the new year beginning this week, people everywhere may be thinking of new ways to declutter. Tidying up around the house is always an option to clear out junk from the past year, but one type of clutter everyone forgets about is the storage on our smart devices.

Whether it’s a new year’s resolution, or just a way to speed up a device, clearing out a phone’s storage has many options.

  1. Reorganize photos and videos
    1. It’s easy to become a photo hoarder. Going through pictures and deleting any duplicates or screenshots of information that’s no longer useful can clear a substantial amount of space. An alternative to deleting is moving these photos or videos to a separate device or to the cloud, so that they aren’t lost forever, but aren’t taking up space on a smartphone.
  2. Remove unused apps
    1. Certain apps take up a lot of space and use a lot of battery power. Going through and deleting any apps, especially games, that haven’t been used recently can free up space, and increase battery life.
  3. Use streaming services
    1. Having an extensive music library used to be a trophy for users, but music takes up more storage than expected. Switching to streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music means no purchases of particular songs, so less storage being used by music, and a larger selection.

If it’s a new year’s resolution, or just a way to get a slow device to work faster, clearing out storage space on devices is easy. Before deleting any apps, pictures, videos, music or other data, be sure to backup anything valuable to another device, and review any sensitive information.