iStock_000037217352_SmallEducational technology adoption is anticipated to see major growth within the next five years. School districts and universities will need to plan accordingly before implementing new technologies into the classroom, because without proper planning, educational technology implementation can go awry.

Here are three possible pitfalls when not planning for implementation:

  1. Lack of training
    1. Implementing an unfamiliar device in classroom can backfire quickly. The device may not be used to its full potential, and any device issues may be hard to report because of lack of understanding. Before a full-scale implementation, employees who will be using the new technology should be instructed in proper usage and support procedures.
  2. Lack of clear support plan
    1. Once devices are properly deployed, the success of the new technology will rely on top-notch support. Without a proper support system, teachers and students using the devices will have unanswered questions and concerns, and devices will not be used to their full potential.
  3. Lack of long-term vision
    1. Technology is a long-term investment, and requires professional upkeep to ensure all devices are working to their best potential. Using educational technology, such as tablets, in the classroom means regular repairs to devices, data management and erasure between students, and end-of-life services for devices. Without a plan, educational technology can become a burden.

Planning for successful classroom implementation may be stressful for district and university personnel, but one way to alleviate any stress and guarantee success is working with a certified IT asset manager.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified IT asset management company. HOBI specializes in full-scale IT asset management, including data management, data security, data erasure, device repairs and end-of-life services for devices. HOBI provides the best practices in technology support and other long-term services to ensure devices are used to their best ability.