tabletgroupEducators across the country are embracing the idea of using tablets in the classroom as supplemental materials for both teachers and students. Using tablets opens the door to more flexibility in the classroom, but administrators still may have some apprehension about introducing more educational technology.

Here are three common concerns about using tablets in the classroom, and how to plan for them:

  1. Distraction
    1. A major concern with tablet learning, especially in K-12 education, is students being distracted by the tablets and using them for unintended purposes. One way to avoid potential distraction is by using lesson plans and presentations that require constant engagement through entering responses, or clicking through pages. Besides increasing engagement, there are multiple ways to lock certain apps from tablets so students are not able to download or access their content.
  2. Implementation
    1. School districts’ IT departments may be apprehensive about including tablets in fear of a variety of set-up and network connectivity issues. Internally, IT departments can ensure enough outlets are allocated for charging the tablets overnight, and teachers can test-drive any apps and other features students will be using. For other tablet and data management concerns, school districts can pair with a certified IT asset management firm to ensure tablet operations are up to speed.
  3. Damage
    1. K-12 educators may also be skeptical of tablet damage and repair costs after student usage. Tablets manufacturers typically offer some type of insurance to combat any repair costs, but these programs can still be pricey. Another way to mitigate any damage and repair solutions is to work with a certified tablet repair and refurbishment firm to ensure devices are working to their best ability.

Using tablets in the classroom may be intimidating or unfamiliar for teachers and students alike, but with the right amount of planning, tablets can open doors to more supplemental material and fun assignments. Beyond planning, working with a certified IT asset management, repair and refurbishment company can alleviate any stress while planning and managing tablets in the classroom.

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