Three common mistakes made by tech leadreshipEnterprise IT is constantly evolving, with new technology introduced quarterly and new threats introduced along with it. Tech leadership always has to stay on their toes when choosing new devices to use in the office and new protocols to ensure security and efficiency in an IT scheme. 

Here are three common mistakes made by enterprise tech leadership:

  1. Resisting BYOD policies
    • More users are relying on the smartphone or tablet of their choice to be their primary computing device. While company-issued devices used to be the norm, more enterprises are embracing BYOD policies to ensure maximum productivity and convenience for their employees. Although BYOD policies may be unfamiliar, with the right framework and education about safely using personal devices to process corporate information, BYOD can streamline productivity. 
  2. Downplaying security needs
    • A recent survey estimated cybercrime will cost enterprises more than $6 trillion annually by 2021. Data breaches result in more than just monetary loss, a breach also affects enterprise reputation and sensitive information storage. For this reason, enterprise IT leadership should always go the extra mile when it comes to security precautions and educating employees on the dangers of cybercrime.
  3. Overlooking compliance guidelines
    • A recent study showed more than half of IT professionals are unaware of their company’s compliance policies. Electronics recycling and data maintenance legislation are constantly changing, and tech leadership needs to be aware of new policies to avoid any hefty fines and reputational damage. 

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