iStock_000037217352_SmallEnterprise IT is a fast-evolving landscape. With rapid technology releases, shortening device lifecycles and quick changes in budgets, IT leadership is more challenging than ever. When making decisions about changing technology or operating schemes, it’s easy to get tunnel vision or overlook the entire process. These are three common IT leadership mistakes, and how to navigate them.

  1. Not planning long-term
    • When beginning new projects or working in unfamiliar territory, it’s easy for tech leadership to forget the entire scheme of things. Tunnel vision may mean success in one portion of an IT scheme, but could neglect other plans. Devoting equal amounts of time to multiple projects ensures an IT department runs smoothly and encourages long-term stability. Instead of team leaders spending the majority of their time working in smaller projects, it’s recommended to remember the entire plan, and only work where assistance is needed.
  2. Lack of communication
    • IT processes are necessary to a successful business, but are not always easy to explain. Effectively communicating the need for successful IT helps remind key stakeholders the importance of the program, and encourages stable budgeting as well as budget increases. Bringing attention to the IT department’s success and importance to a business garners attention and support and validates IT spending.
  3. Overlooking compliance guidelines
    • A recent study showed more than half of IT professionals are unaware of their company’s compliance policies. Electronics recycling and data maintenance legislation are constantly changing, and tech leadership needs to stay up-to-date on legislation in order to keep organizations out of hot water. If compliance regulations are ignored, there can be costly fines and reputational damage.

One way for enterprise IT departments to navigate planning, management and compliance challenges  is to collaborate with a certified IT asset management company.

HOBI International, Inc. is a leading ITAD provider and R2, RIOS ISO 14001 certified electronics recycling company. HOBI offers full-scale IT and mobile asset management programs that analyze every step of the IT process, as well as compliance assurance programs to ensure all IT processes are up-to-date with legislation. With over 10 years of the best practices in the industry, HOBI finds value in older devices and provides the best insights for enterprise IT departments everywhere.