cloud computingMore people are using smartphones as their primary computing device than ever. Smartphones’ small size and advanced computing abilities allow the devices to store many apps and other information typically stored on laptop and desktop computers in the past.

Smartphones’ ability to store important personal data, including photos, videos, finances, corporate files and other irreplaceable information also makes losing the device a liability. If a device is lost or stolen, the information it contains is not always recovered.

It’s possible to back up devices to a computer by using their corresponding USB, or through microSD cards and Lightning flash drives. But, another option for backing up devices is utilizing cloud services.

Cloud services totes many convenient features for storing data Here are three perks of backing up your data by using a cloud service:

  1. Affordable pricing
    1. Many major tech companies offer pre-integrated cloud services for their corresponding operating systems. Apple offers iCloud for iOS products, and Google offers Google Drive for Android devices. Outside of cloud services offered to specific products, many cloud providers offer storage for as low as $1.99/month.
  2. Convenience
    1. Using a cloud service means being able to upload and access files at virtually any location with an Internet connection. Being able to access files at different devices cuts down on device load when traveling, and having access to files if a device is lost or damaged.
  3. Offers next level of security
    1. Cloud services require a passcode to access the information they store, and many offer two-step authentication for accounts. Using two-step authentication means if a user tries to access an account, a code will be sent to a designated device to verify it’s the owner of the account. These extra security steps provide peace of mind if a device is lost or stolen.

Cloud services are an attractive option for users who store sensitive data on not only their smartphone, but also their tablet and laptop devices. Backing up a smartphone to the cloud ensures users’ data is secure and able to be accessed in the event a device is stolen, lost or broken.