ease11Data centers employ some of the most sophisticated and pricey technology so that daily enterprise operations remain up to speed. What happens if there is an outage?

Emerson Network Power and the Ponemon Institute released their annual report of Data Center Outages last Tuesday. This report indicates that one minute of a data center outage costs around $8,851, and the average cost of an outage is $740,357 in total. The study also indicates a maximum downtime cost of more than $2 million. Data center outages also run the risk of information vulnerability on top of financial consequences.

UPS system failure is the number one cause for unplanned outages, but cybercrime is the fastest growing threat. Cybercrime outages rose 20 percent in five years from 2010 to 2015.

As data center equipment becomes more sophisticated, upkeep becomes more complex. Architects everywhere will need to revisit efficiency and the best security practices to reduce risk of any costly outages.

To read the full study, visit here.