Data-privacyHiring an IT asset disposition company to dispose of your outdated or unused IT equipment saves an enterprise time and money. While this is an attractive option for many companies, hiring an irresponsible ITAD provider can result in both monetary and reputational damage. These are three areas to investigate when researching prospective ITAD providers to ensure the best practices are used.

  1. Data management policy
    • Data destruction is the cornerstone of an effective ITAD provider. While managing data access during a device’s lifecycle is important, proper data destruction should also remain a top priority. Companies should work with an ITAD provider that ensures secure and dependable data erasure. Unreliable data destruction can lead to residual data on old devices, and potential data breaches that can be devastating to a company’s finances and reputation.
  2. Documentation
    • Compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations is important component of e-waste disposal. An IT asset disposition provider should provide documentation that details the process of disposal of your old IT systems. These documents should include information such as serial numbers of systems, certificate of data destruction, and an account for systems that have been refurbished or completely demanufactured and recycled.
  3. End-of-lifecycle opportunities
    • A high-quality ITAD program communicates the value of resale  and refurbishment opportunities for equipment that has reached the end of its use. Once the your equipment is received and triaged to determine value and salability then your ITAD vendor will determine the appropriate secondary sales channel to place your equipment in order to generate the highest ROI.

Working with an ITAD provider alleviates the stress of managing older devices and creates new opportunities for devices once they have reached the end of their use. While ITAD providers can make enterprise IT less of a burden, selecting an irresponsible provider can result in monetary and reputational damages. For this reason, it’s important for enterprises to investigate data management policies, documentation and end-of-life services when selecting a provider.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 and WBE-certified ITAD provider. HOBI uses the best practices in enterprise IT asset disposition and management, including data erasure, fully traceable documentation and the best opportunities for devices at the end of their use.