A new online survey conducted by the University of Phoenix College of Education and Harris Poll indicates teachers are enthusiastic about classroom technology usage, but not as knowledgable about the integration process as they need to be.

Fifty-five percent of the respondents indicated they use classroom technology daily, but only 15 percent admitted they would give themselves an “A” in educational technology skills. Fifty-one percent of the interviewees agreed they would like to learn more about educational technology integration.

Educational technology brings opportunities for improved teacher-student interaction and increased supplementary materials both inside and outside the classroom. While classroom tech has the potential to enrich the learning experience, district leadership and teachers may have trouble harnessing devices such as laptops and tablets to their best ability.

One way to ensure educational technology assets are used to their best ability is to work with a certified IT asset management company. An ITAM specialist can explain the best classroom integration strategies, data management policies and repair options for a district to ensure each device is used securely and to maximum value.

HOBI International, gambling Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified IT asset management company. HOBI specializes in full-scale IT asset management, including classroom implementation, data management/security, device repairs and end-of-life services for devices. HOBI provides the best practices in technology support and other long-term services to ensure devices are used to their best ability.