According Android Authority, new Right to Repair bills have been proposed in five states, including Kansas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Nebraska and New York. If enacted, Right to Repair legislation is a step towards a more sustainable electronics repair and refurbishment industry.

This legislation would require manufacturers to sell replacement parts and provide service manuals to independent device repair businesses. Passing this type of bill would level the playing field between manufacturers and service providers by providing certified repair parts and decreasing the overall cost for dependable repairs.

Craig Boswell, HOBI International, Inc. President, explains the need for high quality repairs has reached beyond what manufacturers can provide, and enacting Right to Repair legislature is a step to forming a successful repair ecosystem.

“The device repair infrastructure in the United States has expanded well beyond the manufacturer’s limited networks,” Boswell said. “These bills could ultimately result in a more formal structure for these repair providers, enhancing the consumer’s experience and ultimately benefiting the manufacturers as well.”