It’s no secret the PC market has been dwindling ever since the release of mobile devices. In fact, tablets are on top and expected to outpace the combined PC market by 2015. However, the PC is not dead yet! To revamp the passion for the classic computer, ZDNet provides some of the many tips for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make consumers fall in love all over again.

Bring back the power

Power is undoubtedly the clearest advantage the PC has over smartphones and tablets. There was a time when people would buy a newly released PC because it was a few megahertz faster than their old one. Unfortunately, chip makers have shifted to more complex platforms, putting less emphasis on CPU power.

Once the power is leveraged back into the PC platform, OEM’s can boost creativity to gain back consumer confidence in desktop computers.


Mobility is of course the main advantage of smartphones and tablets. However, the classic keyboard and mouse is still said to be the best way to interact with the digital world. Without outside distractions, you can get more done in less time by sitting in front of a PC.

Stop wasting time on form factors

PCs can be built to your exact specifications. Their static nature allows consumers to add more storage, better peripherals, more displays, printers, scanners, and much more! While you can carry smartphones and tablets in the palm of your hand, it’s never the same as tweaking a PC to fit your needs.

PC on the sidelines

It used to be that PCs were the main attraction and smartphones and tablets were just the sideshow act. Now, mobile devices are taking over the electronics market and PCs remain stagnant.

Why not twist it! Highlight the advantages of having a PC on the side lines for a while.


Remind consumers the PC is built to last. While smartphones and tablets are expected to be upgraded every year or so, PCs have a much longer lifespan than these mobile devices.


With so many electronics on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Bundling a PC with a tablet into a single offer will inhibit some of the effort that goes into wading through specs to choose the hardware that best suits your needs.

IT leaders are constantly trying to carve out new markets. Utilizing the tablet as a controllable second screen alongside the PC appeals to those who like simplicity.

OEM’s need to think outside of the box to get consumers back on the PC bandwagon. Start showing what the PC can do and how it can make people’s lives easier.