That used iPod or mobile phone in your junk drawer might not be on its last leg! There’s still hope for used electronics and IT equipment to be reused instead of recycled or contributed to the massive e-waste stream.

The refurbished electronics market is booming and gaining ground all over the world.

To refurbish something means that it has been renewed or updated, in the case of most used electronics. A desktop computer with an old circuit board or the glass face on an old iPhone are thoroughly reworked and tested for usability to insure they are properly working before remarketed to consumers.

Who are the perfect candidates for refurbished electronics?

Parents: Want your child to have the advantage of working on a tablet or iPhone but don’t want to pay the enormous up front cost for a brand new device? Refurbished electronics are your answer! Slightly used tablets, iPhones, laptops and gaming systems are available and sold at a significant discount. You won’t have to worry about a little wear and tear with these used electronics compared to an untouched one.

Students: Finals time is approaching and you need to start that 20-page paper you have been avoiding. Upon powering on your laptop, you discover it is not working. Your laptop has completely died and there is no hope for repairing it in time. Students on a tight budget are able to purchase perfectly working refurbished laptops at a low cost with standard warranty and return policies!

Lost your phone? Don’t shell out hundreds of dollars at the store for a brand new phone when refurbished electronics stores offer the same exact phone, slightly used and completely tested, for half the price!

Especially now that updated mobile phones are emerging every few months, you don’t have to wait too long for one of the current versions to be remarketed at a discount.

Refurbished electronics offer the same accountability and benefits as a new product but at a fraction of the cost. Expertly tested before being remarketed, refurbished electronics are the perfect way to save money and stay connected.

Any consumer who uses an electronic, which is mostly everyone, can take advantage of the refurbished electronics market.