online-shoppingA new year begins tomorrow, and that means people everywhere are making resolutions. A popular resolution is to clean or declutter around the house. One way to declutter is to finally resell any unused electronics laying around or hidden in drawers around the house.

Smartphones have no greater value than in the present. For that reason, if a customer or enterprise is looking to adopt a new phone and sell the old,  a third party vendor needs to be identified ASAP.

Here are a few considerations for selling both personal and enterprise devices:

Trying to sell personal devices:

  • If you’re looking to trade in  you personal cell phone for money, there are multiple trade-in programs through third party vendors that guarantee money for your used device. Amazon, Best Buy and Gazelle offer the most popular cell phone trade-in programs. Each of these offer certain amounts of money for cellular devices. These amounts can vary according to which device you’re selling and if that phone is still under carrier lock. EBay and Craigslist are also two options for resale, but not always the most predictable or credible. Aside from these options, most mobile providers offer trade-in programs, but these programs don’t yield any cash in return for old devices.

Trying to sell company devices:

  • If your business decides to upgrade employees’ cell phones, but don’t know what to do with the old devices, there are still options for resale in bulk. Pairing with a certified cell phone remarketing company ensures maximum return on old devices. Mobile asset management companies maximize devices’ potential by refurbishing and remarketing used smartphones as well as providing certified data erasure Using these types of programs guarantee older devices will be used to their full potential.

If reselling or recycling a device, the most important consideration is data erasure. Working with a certified electronics refurbishment and recycling company ensures all data is properly removed from the device, so no ghost data is in possession of the future owner.

HOBI International is a R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified mobile asset management provider with more than 20 years in the business. HOBI works with enterprises to identify the best course of action for used devices towards the end of their lifecycle, or when enterprises choose to adopt new technology.

The technology turnover rate is speeding up rapidly. With new devices being invented every few months it’s easy to be overwhelmed when wanting to switch to a new smartphone. Even if a device is a few years old, it still has value. For this reason, it’s the best idea for both personal and business devices to be resold to a certified reseller and refurbisher.