A new report from the NPD Group indicates unlocked devices comprise 12 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, and that number will continue growing within the next few years. The increase in unlocked phone purchases is a response to  carriers eliminating subsidized plans and users wanting more carrier flexibility.

Unlocked devices are an attractive option for users who like to the freedom to switch carriers, and/or travel abroad frequently. Many unlocked devices also ship without pre-loaded carrier apps, so their storage is more abundant.

A downside of unlocked devices is their pricing. Purchasing an unlocked device is typically much more expensive than payment installment plans carriers may offer. Manufacturers including Google and Apple have started payment plans for users wishing to buy unlocked devices.

Another cost-efficient way to purchase an unlocked device is buying refurbished. Certified mobile asset managers offer a variety of refurbished, unlocked devices of all makes and models for purchase.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 and WBE certified mobile asset management company. HOBI provides top-notch refurbished devices are an affordable and trustworthy option for those seeking unlocked smartphones. Our devices are available for purchase through both eBay and Amazon.