A new report from Pew Research Center indicates as many as 1 in 8 Americans are online shoppers. The research center reports 79 percent of Americans have purchased something online, 51 percent have purchased something using a cellphone and 15 percent have purchased something using links through social media. When Pew conducted the same research in 2000, only 22 percent of Americans had purchased an item online.

Survey respondents indicated the main reasons they enjoy online shopping is the ability to compare prices between vendors, read reviews and online retailer services such as same-day delivery. Along with the 51 percent who use smartphones for purchases, 45 percent agreed to searching products they find in-store online for reviews and alternative prices.

Although many Americans find convenience in online shopping, 64 percent of Pew’s respondents indicated they prefer shopping in a physical store. Although online shopping brings many conveniences, many shoppers prefer seeing an item in person before purchasing.