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USA Today

Tablet shipments fell for the second consecutive year during 2016, totalling 174.8 million devices, a 15.6 percent decrease from 2015. Apple’s iPad sales also declined 19 percent, with only 13.1 million devices shipping.

Experts wonder if Apple’s new iPads will turn around continually declining tablet shipments, or if the devices won’t live up to the hype. The company is anticipated to reveal the new devices within the next month.

Although iPad sales have fallen, Apple continues to lead the tablet market, with 20.8 percent of market share, and Samsung following behind with 12.9 percent market share. Apple’s newest release is rumored to be two updated iPad Pros and one iPad mini.

Declining tablet shipments are thought to be a response to the increasing tablet lifecycle. Users now choose to hold onto their devices longer and upgrade less frequently, since new tablet releases typically do not have as substantial updates as new mobile and laptop devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated there will be updates on the newest iPads, and he feels “very optimistic about where we (Apple) can take the product.” With the device reveal later this month, Apple faces the challenge of convincing users to upgrade devices sooner than planned.

Update: Apple released a new iPad device Tuesday March, 21.