Successful data erasure starts at home! At least, that is what the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is trying to convey to the public.

NAID’s new campaign, “NAID ’em,” plans to utilize social media and web outlets in hopes to further educate the public in the practice of proper data security and appropriately define the term ‘data destruction.’ It’s much more than shredding and wiping data from devices.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson expressed concern that “the general public now equates ‘shredding’ with ‘data destruction.’” Compared to the simple procedure of ‘shredding,’ data destruction involves training, auditing and developing policies and procedures for employee awareness.

If it hasn’t already been harped enough throughout thde IT world, BYOD programs are spreading like wild fire in organizations, making the adoption of “best-practices in data security and destruction” essential to the success of the “NAID ’em” campaign, according to a recent article.

In 2012, 81% of employees used a personal device for work-related functions. This statistic is increasing whether the organization has implemented a BYOD program or not. The NAID ’em campaign promoting secure data security and destruction strives to provide these organizations with tools to begin thinking about internal data security and destruction.

At the upcoming NAID conference, one of the primary goals is to educate organizations of data security issues in hopes they will relay policies back to their employees.

Craig Boswell, HOBI International Inc. President, will be on a panel consisting of data security and electronics recycling professionals sharing their expertise on electronic data destruction at the conference next week.