Data-privacyThe Identity Theft Resource Center, or ITRC, issued a report last week indicating the number of information attacks is still growing, but the total remains less than 2014. This report included data breaches identified by the ITRC up to November 10, 2015. There are 650 reported data breaches within the past year that resulted in 175,681,126 records being exposed.

The industry with the highest percentage of reported data breaches was Business, comprising 38.8 percent of total data breaches; Healthcare followed with 36.2 percent of total data breaches. Healthcare comprised more than half of all exposed records at 68.3 percent and Government/Military ranked second with 19.3 percent of exposed records.

The high numbers in compromised data through Healthcare and Government/Military are related to many high-profile data breaches targeting these industries, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and the United States Social Security Administration. Both the Educational and Banking/Financial industries ranked less than 10 percent of reported breaches and compromised information, but that does not mean these industries are not targeted.

There was a record high 783 data breaches at the end of 2014. Although the end of the year is approaching, there is a possibility for the number of reported data breaches to reach or exceed this amount. There were 657 reported data breaches during November 2014, only 7 more than this report’s total amount.