If electronics recyclers have enough to worry about, a new report Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update that project by the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on earth than people.

Let’s start with some statistics (provided by Forbes

40% of respondents prefer doing business on the iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini.

75% of respondents won’t share their personal phone number with staff

58% of respondents text for business at least once a month.

33% of respondents listen to voicemail from business contacts.

18% of respondents will listen to voicemail from an unknown number.

20% of male respondents would fire a full-time employee to cut their monthly phone bill in half

36% of business owners use three or more mobile devices to run their business

Certified responsible recyclers, like HOBI International, will have their hands full with processing, data erasure, recycling and refurbishing billions of mobile devices used in BYOD programs.

This is exactly why mobile asset disposition program are essential in a BYOD world. With proper handling, data erasure, recycling and refurbishment, electronics recyclers can keep a significant amount of e-waste out of the ever growing waste stream.


Environmental Sustainability and Compliance

Electronics are, without a doubt, the most valuable and risky assets involved in a corporate sustainability program. As a result, organizations need to be cautious about selecting a MAD partner. Mobile asset disposition companies like HOBI provide sustainable and compliant solutions to safely and ethically dispose of electronic assets.

Financial Benefit

Organizations often experience a greater ROI with mobile assets compared to traditional IT assets. Taking part in a responsible and certified mobile asset disposition program results in financial benefits that can self-fund other IT programs and also brings the attention of being an environmentally cautious organization. Savvy companies may also take advantage of buyback programs.

Corporate Security

In a nearly paperless society, businesses rely intensely on technology for data security. Because most smart phones are able to store the same and sometimes more data than a computer, complete data erasure is often overlooked by IT departments when clearing employee phones of corporate information. Companies supporting BYOD for their employees should be extra sensitive when collecting and recycling previously issued company cell phones.

HOBI has mastered the art of mobile asset disposition and continues to promote and implement the best practices for electronics recycling.