Microsoft Reveals Enterprise IoT ServicesLast week, Microsoft launched a new IoT service offering for enterprises. The product, called IoT Central, is a solution designed to manage cloud-based IoT device deployment.

The new IoT suite focuses on managing the devices infrastructure and implementation so customers can focus on the data the connected devices deliver. The IoT service offering also includes Azure Time Series Insights, an analytics tool with interactive capabilities to monitor and analyze data from connected devices.

“While we find that IoT is a big differentiator, one of the things we’re finding in the broader market is that there is still a broad set of skills sets needed to implement IoT solutions,” Sam George, Microsoft’s director of IoT, said.

IoT technology is growing in popularity because of the more in-depth data it offers, but an overarching concern regarding IoT in the enterprise is the learning curve associated with implementation and device management. Microsoft’s new IoT service offerings bring opportunities for enterprises to focus on IoT data without having in-house implementation and management experts.