targetCyren, a security firm, reported mobile malware distribution was highest on Fridays during last quarter.  The firm reported the average amount of malware attachments circulated on Fridays during Q3 was 2.25 billion. This amount of malicious attachments being circulated on Fridays may be seen as an effort to catch device users off-guard.

This survey also reported IT professionals faced more security threats on Mondays. The increased number of threats on Mondays can be seen as a response to the high number of attacks issued on Fridays, meaning employees open or download dangerous files on Saturdays or Sundays.

This report may be concerning to ITAD professionals, but the best defense is open communication with employees about identifying potential threats and which attachments to download. This report indicates hackers focus malicious behavior on Fridays because employees have their guard down over the weekend, but with attentiveness, malicious files can be avoided.

The report also indicated spam emails are down 5.4 percent from Q2 and the circulation of phishing URLs is down 19 percent since July.