One of the many innovations introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was Apple’s new Mac Pro.

Apple has announced they will be assembling a certain line of Macs in America and, after the WWDC, rumor has it that model will be the new Mac Pro. Following the trend of Motorola’s “made in the U.S.A.” smartphone, Apple has its sites set on teaming up with Flextronics at their Fort Worth, Texas facility as well.

The Mac Pro is unlike any other desktop model on the market. With a revolutionary, cylindrical shaped thermal core, this desktop is “designed to last for ‘(another) 10 years” according to the Huffington Post.

Next generation Intel Xeon processors with up to twelve cores pack all the performance and expandability into a uniquely designed Mac Pro that is one-eight the volume of its predecessor.

This radical Mac Pro is the main candidate to be assembled in the U.S. because it is easier to build than the rest already manufactured abroad. It’s called a “plug and play” model meaning you don’t need sophisticated labor for assembly. Inside its solid tower appearance lies a bunch of separate components slotted into a basic motherboard.

Due to user-friendly assembly and disassembly of the Mac Pro, ITAD organizations and certified electronics recyclers can efficiently separate and refurbish usable parts from the desktop tower.

Apple has the chance to not only bring jobs to the U.S.A. but also create an opportunity to diminish the growing e-waste pile in developing countries.

There is no formal ship date for the Mac Pro at this time, but Apple did state it will ship later this year.