Don’t take any chances! Know your IT asset disposition (ITAD) provider and what certifications they possess. ITAD organizations who are certified Responsible Recyclers (R2) are experts in proper reverse logistics including:

1. Data security
2. Environmental practices
3. Proper e-waste disposal
4. Remarketing and reuse

Be aware of the risks that come with not using a certified ITAD organization.

RISK #1: Data Breach

Once a person’s data reaches the outside world a data breach has occurred. Data security is a serious concern to ITAD organizations and it is becoming increasingly more challenging to wipe devices completely clean. Even the tiniest release of sensitive data can erode a customer’s confidence in his or her ITAD provider. Certified electronics recyclers realize this and take proper precautions for optimal data security.

RISK #2: Non-Compliance To Industry Regulations

ITAD providers who fail to comply with industry regulations affect not only themselves but also their clients. Hefty fines apply to all parties involved in irresponsible e-waste disposal.

“Without an ITAD procedure that results in detailed, auditable records, companies lack important tools for defending themselves if/when they face an audit,” according to Business2Community.

RISK #3: Environmental Hazard

Whether it’s in the U.S.A. or in developing countries, e-waste is a huge environmental hazard. Electronics contain toxic materials that, when irresponsibly disposed of, can cause irreparable damage to the environment. It can be extremely costly for companies that do not comply with environmental standards for e-waste disposal, not to mention the harmful negative publicity. Your company could still be liable if your ITAD vendor fails to properly dispose of e-waste.

To avoid these risks, companies utilizing ITAD providers should oversee the process from start to finish. The one area that is most commonly overlooked is what the enterprise does with the electronics and e-waste after their services are completed. Some may send hazardous materials to developing countries that are not equipped to handle the e-waste.

How reliable is your ITAD vendor?