ITAD vendors providing mobile companies with IT asset management services may need to keep watch on recent no-contract plans that are heightening the mobile device turnover rate.

AT&T had a big announcement this week! According to the Dallas Business Journal, the mobile leader will soon be offering consumers no-contract smartphones and tablet computers on monthly installments with the promise of an upgrade after one year.

This is in direct competition with T-Mobile’s Jump plan, which allows customers to buy an iPhone straight up at $649, or go with $145 + $31 per month and switch phones twice a year at the cost of giving your phone back to T-Mobile.

Moral of the story, mobile turnover is drastically changing! Just a few years ago, the average life span of mobile phones was 18 months to about two years. With these no-contract plans, customers will be able to trade in and get a new phone after as little as six months.

While this “rent-a-phone” concept benefits customers by providing them the latest upgrade every year, the devices traded in have to go somewhere! (and by somewhere we hope to a certified ITAD vendor)

Certified ITAD providers realize the importance of IT asset management practices, including maximization of asset value, data erasure, and responsible recycling or remarketing in compliance with state, local and federal e-waste regulations.

The fluctuation in the mobile device turnover rate may cause concern for ITAD vendors who provide mobile organizations with IT asset management services. As mobile devices that are nowhere near obsolete flood into electronics recycling warehouses, ITAD organizations are expected to implement best practices for on-site data erasure and repair for each unit.

If no-contract plans for mobile devices are the wave of the future for consumers, will ITAD vendors be able to efficiently provide companies with the best practices of IT asset management while still minimizing e-waste?