IL-amendBilly Johnson, chief lobbyist for ISRI, issued a formal response to the pending the Secure E-Waste and Recycling Act (SEERA) legislation last Friday. SEERA, proposed by the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), is currently in the drafting stages and  aims to regulate the exportation of used electronics.

SEERA’s framework aims to forbid the export of non-tested, unused devices overseas and permit exporting working electronics and properly dismantled devices. The CAER has indicated the aim of SEERA is to prevent the use of parts in manufacturing counterfeit goods, which may affect homeland security.

Johnson cites two major issues with SEERA’s framework; the problem has already been addressed and the bill ignores the primary source for counterfeit parts. Legislation has already been issued to regulate established supply chains and ensure 100 percent testing, preventing counterfeit devices or parts being used in national security operations.

SEERA will do nothing to stop counterfeiting and is just the latest veiled attempt to restrict export of used electronic products. The important national security issue of counterfeiting was properly addressed several years ago,” Johnson writes.