family-thanksgivingWith only a few days until Thanksgiving, families everywhere are making last minute preparations. There are a variety of mobile applications that help with multiple holiday challenges. Here are three apps to help with Thanksgiving planning to guarantee your holiday celebration goes off without a hitch.

  1. Roadtrippers
    1. Roadtrippers is a travel planning app that optimizes the quickest route to a destination and also compiles a list of various attractions along the way. Through this app, users are able to plan a travel itinerary, then access lists of roadside attractions, local restaurants, hotels, national parks and other scenic points nearby. Along with planning, users are able to book reservations with hotels through Roadtrippers and share their itinerary with family and friends to keep everyone in-the-know.
  2. Instacart
    1. Through Instacart, users are able to create a grocery list, select the grocery store of their liking, then Instacart arranges for grocery delivery that day. The app works with major grocers and convenience stores, such as Target and Whole Foods, and is able to schedule delivery time within the hour. Instacart helps for any last-minute shopping that needs to be done while Thanksgiving meal is being prepared.
  3. Cooking suite by Gormaya
    1. Gormaya, an app developer, has a bundle of cooking apps to help Thanksgiving’s meal go smoother. This app includes a conversions app, a cooking times app and a substitutions app. The conversions app includes all conversions, including anything from pounds, to regular cooking jargon such as “pinch.” The cooking times portion of the bundle includes any type of food or liquids and their respective cooking temperatures and cooking times so that food is prepared properly. The cooking substitutions portion of the bundle includes all ingredients and their respective substitutes. This is ideal for any family members who have food allergies or dietary requirements and their favorite Thanksgiving recipes need to be modified.

Thanksgiving is about enjoying time with family and friends. Apps such as Roadtrippers, Instacart and Gormaya help limit the time spent planning and maximize time relaxing. Happy Thanksgiving from HOBI International!