iStock_000037217352_SmallThe beginning of the school year is officially here. With the first day of school approaching, administrators and educators are working to finalize strategies for the year. Part of this planning is managing all technology managed by both educators and students.

Implementing technology in the classroom, such as tablets and chromebooks, opens the doors for transparent teacher-student education, interactive assignments and a plethora of supplementary materials. While educational technology does open many doors for students and teachers, without adequate planning and risk preparation, classroom technology can become a time-consuming burden.

Educational technology implementation concerns include smooth device implementation to avoid any challenges down the line, data security to protect sensitive student information and a repair process that minimizes time between devices. The easiest, and most reliable, way to navigate these concerns is to work with a certified IT asset management company.

Working with an ITAM specialist ensures all district assets are properly implemented, managed, repaired and disposed of. A certified IT asset manager guarantees all data is properly managed and disposed of, while guaranteeing a speedy and reliable repair process, and navigating all implementation and disposal concerns.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified IT asset management company. HOBI specializes in full-scale IT asset management, including data management, data security, data erasure, device repairs and end-of-life services for devices. HOBI provides the best practices in technology support and other long-term services to ensure devices are used to their best ability.