man hand holding Apple IPad Mini and IPhone 6A report by Deloitte predicts by the end of 2016, consumers will sell or trade-in up to 120 million used smartphones, generating $17 billion in revenue, at an average of $140 per device. This report also predicts used devices will comprise 7 percent of total smartphone sales in 2016, and grow four times faster than the overall smartphone market.

Instead of buying a device, more consumers are working trade-in and leasing programs. Leasing programs are becoming an attractive option for consumers and enterprises alike. Devices on lease provide less commitment and upkeep on the user-end, and more opportunities for quick device switches.

As leasing companies grow in popularity, the pressure for fast device turnaround rates will increase. A reliable option to alleviate device repair and replacement obstacles is working with a mobile asset manager. A certified mobile asset manager can assist leasing companies in device testing and repair processes, as well as end-of-life services such as data erasure, refurbishment and disposal.

HOBI International, Inc. is an R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 and WBE certified mobile asset management provider. Our Mobility Managed Services (MMS) program works with leasing companies to provide quick and reliable repair, refurbishment and buyback solutions. HOBI provides full-scale mobile asset management, with top notch data security and reverse logistics processes to ensure devices are accounted for at all steps of the MMS process.