Here is a recap of the HOBI blog for the week of 4/10-4/13

  • PC shipments see growth for first time in 5 years
    • IDC reports PC shipments increased for the first time in five years last quarter. Global PC shipments grew 0.6 percent during Q1 of 2017.
  • Three ways for maximizing data center operational efficiency
    • Data centers are one of the most expensive aspects of enterprise information technology. Sophisticated equipment, electricity needs, environmental controls and security measures lead to increasingly high operational costs. To maximize a data center’s potential, it’s important to stick to the best practices and regular maintenance to make sure your devices are functioning at their highest capability.
  • Dallas infrastructure hacked by unknown source
    • Dallas’ emergency notification infrastructure fell victim to an information breach last Friday. The city’s emergency alert system was hacked, causing 156 of the city’s sirens to sound for more than two hours. The attack led to more than 4,000 calls to 911 from confused residents.