Here is a recap of the HOBI blog for the week of 10/8-10/13

  • Three tips for increasing enterprise data center cost efficiency
    • Enterprises nationwide are decreasing their data center budgets. Electricity, environmental controls and equipment maintenance can lead to high operational costs. To maximize a data center’s potential, it’s important to stick to the best practices and regular maintenance to make sure your devices are functioning at their highest capability.
  • Three ways reverse logistics increase accountability in ITAM
    • Partnering with a certified IT asset management firm ensures enterprise IT equipment is used to its best value and properly maintained. One of the main priorities for enterprises pairing with an IT asset manager should be choosing a firm that employs reverse logistics.
  • Samsung and Apple’s design battle visits U.S. Supreme Court
    • The ongoing lawsuit between Samsung and Apple visited the U.S. Supreme Court this morning. The design infringement battle between the two tech giants is the first patent lawsuit to go before the supreme court in more than a century.
  • Samsung suspends Galaxy Note 7 production
    • Update 10/11/16: Samsung has officially ceased all Galaxy Note 7 production indefinitely. Samsung has temporarily suspended production of their Note 7 and Note 7 Plus devices after reports of replacement devices batteries malfunctioning.