Here is a recap of the HOBI blog for the week of 10/24-10/28

  • Used electronics resale company shuts down in light of federal lawsuit
    • A used electronics resell company, Laptop and Desktop Repair LLC, has been raided and shut down after multiple complaints that lead to a federal lawsuit. Federal court records report the company’s office, based in Sparks, NV, was raided by police and court-appointed receiver, Hays Financial Consulting, on September 29.
  • How to protect your home network
    • Accessing unsecure networks in public places can lead to security vulnerabilities, or in the worst case scenario, an unauthorized source gaining access to a device. When protecting smartphones, tablets and laptops, users are discouraged from using public networks. While private networks are more secure, there are certain precautions the owners must take to ensure complete security.
  • Craig Boswell to speak at the 2016 Electronics Reuse Conference
    • Craig Boswell, HOBI President, is contributing to the Smartphone and Apple Refurbisher Insights panel at the 2016 Electronics Reuse Conference in Houston, beginning at 9 a.m tomorrow morning.
  • Three ways to clear data from mobile devices before resale
    • After a device upgrade, users may look into the various resale or trade-in opportunities for older smartphones. Reselling a device that is no longer in use is one of the best ways to get maximum value, but if the owner does not take proper data erasure precautions, their personal information could be stolen.