recycled-christmasWith the holidays around the corner, consumers everywhere will be giving and receiving new electronics. After receiving new electronics, it’s easy to forget about older devices and store them in a drawer or box around the house. While this may be the easiest options, cities everywhere are working to make electronics recycling an easier process for citizens. Electronics recycling ensures all devices are properly refurbished or disposed of, instead of taking up space around the house.

Here are three easy steps to keep in mind for electronics recycling this winter:

When choosing to recycle your personal devices, here are three guidelines:

  1. Prep devices
    1. Unused devices such as cellphones, laptops and tablets could be laying around or hidden in drawers. Once you have found the devices you wish to donate, set them aside so that they can be delivered to an electronics drop-off site. It is unsafe to dispose of electronics in a trash or recycling bin. After you have set aside these devices, be sure to backup any data you wish to keep onto another device in use.
  2. Locate a drop-off station
    1. A simple way to locate an electronics recycling drop-off site is to look at your community’s city hall website. Most communities have at least one verified electronics recycling collection site. Along with checking through city hall, your mobile provider and other retailers, like Best Buy, may also accept old electronics and recycle or refurbish them accordingly.
  3. Ensure recycler’s credibility
    1. When dropping off your electronics, be sure the e-waste is processed by a certified electronics refurbisher and recycler. A certified electronics recycling company can ensure all data is erased properly from devices and pick the best path for older devices, whether that be reuse, or breaking down the device for internal components. A certified recycler is up-to-date on e-waste processing protocol, and does not dispose of e-waste irresponsibly.

Choosing a responsible electronics processor is imperative this America Recycles Day. HOBI International is a R2, RIOS, ISO-14001 certified electronics recycling and refurbishment company. We use the best practices in data erasure and choose the best paths for unused electronics.

After receiving a new tablet or computer, remember the above steps to ensure all older devices are put to their best use. For more information about recycling personal electronics, visit here.