In light of Earth Day, Forbes did a little investigating on the mindsets of employees who work from home compared those who are constantly in the office.

Their survey, conducted by online market research company USamp, found letting employees work from home actually cuts down on waste and electricity!

How you may ask?

Employees who work from home are more environmentally conscience when it comes to conserving energy than those who spend countless hours in the office.

Their mentality is that they could care less about leaving lights on all night, recycling in the office or extensive water usage because they are not the ones paying the bill. Employees working from home, in fact, are proactive in recycling waste and conserving water and energy at home.

“A relatively high 42% said environmental concerns weighed strongly or very strongly into allowing employees to work from home. An impressive 62% said the environment considerations were considered at least somewhat strongly.”

With motion-censored lights, active recycling company wide and environmentally conscience employees, HOBI International does its duty to conserve energy and recycle responsibly to help sustain its surroundings.

This year, the Earth Day theme is “the face of climate change,” promoting ways in which employees and corporations can improve energy conservation and responsible recycling throughout the home and office.

Do your part this Earth Day! Participate in electronics recycling events and make your community aware of the positive affects that come from responsible recycling and energy conservation.