green-commitmentHOBI International, Inc. provides electronic asset disposal services for the disposition of electronics; as part of this service, HOBI buys, sells, and de-manufacturers electronics ranging from computers to communications equipment. HOBI International is committed to providing an electronic asset disposal service that meets the needs of our clients and also protects the environment.

HOBI is also committed to meeting the requirements of all federal, state, and local environmental laws and other electronic asset disposal requirements, the prevention of pollution, and implementing best environmental practices in all aspects of our business. To accomplish this goal, HOBI has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) to cover all aspects of the Batavia HOBI facility and has established four key electronic asset disposal practices that will form the backbone of HOBI’s EMS:

  • Management review, participation, and oversight in all areas of the EMS
  • Employee and contractor environmental awareness
  • Establishment of procedures to ensure EMS requirements are met, and
  • Continuous improvement of the EMS and HOBI’s environmental performance

This policy covers all aspects of the HOBI facilities and is available to the public.

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