The Verge

Yesterday, Google released a developer preview of the latest version of Android OS, temporarily called Android O. This version of Android hosts many updates that may or may not be included in the full release later this year.

Android O offers new features to improve and simplify device use, including new lock screen and keyboard shortcuts, an autofill option for passwords and, most notably, improved battery life. The OS monitors app background usage when using multiple apps at once to optimize battery life.

In addition to these features, Google has revamped notifications. Notification “channels” sort notifications by their corresponding app types, such as news or fitness. Users will now also be able to snooze notifications for whatever amount of time they choose.

(Image of new notification screen)

Finally, Google has included picture-in-picture, wide-gamut color and HiFi Bluetooth audio capabilities. These three features have the potential to improve visual and audio media viewing experiences by improving audio quality, increasing color onscreen and being able to view content will using multiple apps.

Google is anticipated to reveal the new OS in full at its annual software developer conference in May. It is likely that Android O will include more updates in addition to those featured in the developer preview.