cloud computingGoogle announced during a keynote speech at their I/O conference the newest of their Android operating system version, temporarily named N, will be released this summer. The new operating system will be most likely be named after a dessert beginning with the letter N. Here are three features users can anticipate from the new operating system.

  1. More efficient multitasking
    1. N will host split-screen mode, meaning it will have the ability to run two apps at once, stacked or side by side. Along with split-screen mode, the new system will declutter users’ app usage. Instead of pulling up all apps when a user goes to their “most recent app” list, N will regularly clear the list of apps that are not regularly used.
  2. Increase power efficiency.
    1. Building off of Marshmallow’s Doze feature, N will host the ability to suspend app activity while a phone is not moving and the screen is off, such as when a device is in a purse or a pocket. N will also host more efficient apps, with new code written to lower storage needs and decrease data usage.
  3. Improved security
    1. The new system hosts more security improvements to media players, in response to last year’s Stagefright vulnerability. Along with these modifications, more updates will download and install in the phone’s background, similar to Chrome OS.

The new operating system will premiere sometime over the summer. In order to receive the new updates for older Android devices, users will have to request an N update to be shipped from their wireless carrier or directly from the manufacturer.