With the school year starting again after winter break, teachers and administrators are looking for new techniques to use in the second half of the school year. Technology adoption in the classroom is becoming more widely accepted, but some teachers and administrators may be apprehensive about implementing devices in the classroom. While personal electronics may be a distraction to students, district-issued tablets and e-readers bring opportunities for more flexibility both outside and inside the classroom.

Four ways tablets expand learning opportunities for students and teachers:

  1. Enhances teaching
    • Using tablets in the classroom expands supplementary materials for teachers of all education levels. Tablets open the door for interactive apps, presentations and other audio-visual elements that enhance student involvement and comprehension.
  2. Creates student-tailored learning opportunities
    • Students learn at different paces. Tablets create opportunities for faster learners to move onto other assignments, while other students are able to take more time. Creating multiple supplemental assignments also gives teachers more time to check on individual student progress.
  3. Increases motivation and flexibility
    • Tablet learning creates a sense of excitement in the classroom. Using technology in the classroom gives students more than one skill to master, and new ways to learn different concepts. Along with creating excitement, tablets open doors for more flexible take-home assignments, and new ways for parents to monitor student academic performance.
  4. Additional resources for students
    • Aside from enhanced classroom learning experience and overall flexibility, tablets and e-readers create more learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Using these devices means more opportunities for online lesson plans, educational games, e-books and educational videos.

While personal electronics create opportunities for distraction in the classroom, tablets and e-readers have many supplemental resources for both students and teachers.