Christmas is in four short days. As the holiday approaches, families everywhere are joining together to celebrate. Here are four apps to spread holiday cheer, and help with Christmas preparations around the house.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas
    1. This app uses the classic Charlie Brown characters to make an interactive story for both children and adults. The app retells Charlie Brown’s Christmas story by using a picture-book style, along with games and video graphics.
  2. Paperless Post: Invitations and eCards
    1. Paperless Post creates trackable eCards and invitations for all occasions.  Through the app, users are able to design both paper and online documents, track the documents’ shipments and receive RSVPs and other correspondence. Paperless Post offers many paper and online Holiday greetings and invitations.
  3. Gormaya’s Cooking Apps
    1. Gormaya, an app developer, has a bundle of cooking apps to help meal preparation. This app includes a conversions app, a cooking times app and a substitutions app. This bundle helps anyone in a busy kitchen ensure all measurements are correct, food is cooked properly and any substitutions can be made for loved ones with dietary requirements or allergies.
  4. Elf Yourself
    1. Elf Yourself is back for 2015’s holiday celebrations. This app offers many different Christmas themed videos that place pictures of whoever the user chooses over the face of an elf. This app is one of the most popular Christmas apps each year, and is a great way to make family and friends laugh during the holidays.

As Christmas approaches, friends and family everywhere are gathering to celebrate together. Fortunately, there are more holiday-oriented apps being developed each year to help for celebration preparations and to spread the Christmas spirit. For more holiday cooking, shopping and entertainment apps, visit the Apple or Android app store.