iStock_000018807376_SmallThe number of mobile apps continues to skyrocket year after year. Mobile apps are now part of everyday smartphone functions and increase efficiency and novelty for many users. While apps increase the convenience of smartphone usage, there are still many security risks associated with mobile apps.

eSecurity Planet recently published an article explaining five application security threats that the normal user may not consider. These threats include PIN/password inference software, mobile app collusion, compromised antivirus software, JavaScript ransomware and voice activated attacks. Each of these threats opens a door to compromised credentials and data breaches, two major enterprise IT risks.

While a majority of mobile application threats can be mitigated by a strong CYOD policy and communication with employees about potential app risks, the best way to manage enterprise data security is working with a certified mobile asset manager.

HOBI International, Inc. is a R2, RIOS, ISO 14001 certified mobile asset manager. HOBI uses the best practices in full-scale mobile asset management, including NIST-standard data security, management and erasure services.